Courses for the Master's Program
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Seminars and exercises for Master's thesis
  • Advanced Study in Intelligence Science and Technology 1
  • Advanced Study in Intelligence Science and Technology 2
Course provided by the Department
Basic courses
  • Introduction to Cognitive Science
  • Introduction to Information Science
  • Introduction to Bioinformatics
General courses provided by School
  • Interdisciplinary courses of the perspective in informatics
    • Perspective in Informatics 1
    • Perspective in Informatics 2
    • Perspective in Informatics 3
    • Perspective in Informatics 4
    • Persoective in Informatics 5
  • Computational Science, Introduction
  • Computational Science, Exercise A
  • Information and Intellectual Property
  • Innovation and Information
  • Information Analysis and Management
  • Information Analysis and Management, Exercise
  • Social Contributions through Informatics
  • Internship in the Field of Informatics
Course provided by the Department
Advanced courses
  • Seminar on Cognitive Science
  • Computational Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Computational Learning Theory
  • Pattern Recognition (Advanced)
  • Conversational informatics
  • Multimadia Communication
  • Speech Processing (Advanced)
  • Language Information Processing (Advanced)
  • Computer Vision
  • Visual Interaction
  • Statistical Learning Theory
  • Bioinformatics (Advanced)
  • Seminar on Intelligence Science and Technology I, II, III, IV

Design courses

  • Information Design
  • Design in ICT
  • Field based Learning/Problem based Learning (FBL/PBL) 1
  • Feild based Learning/Problem based Learning (FBL/PBL) 2

Other course provided by the School

  • Computational Science, Exercise B
  • Computational Science for Big Data
  • Practice on Informatics in Business
  • Artificial Intelligence,Advanced
  • Information Security
  • Practice of Design Thinking
  • Practice of Business Requirements Definition
  • Practice of Business Data Analysis
  • Practice of Frontier Technology Application

Courses for the Doctoral Program

  • Seminar on Intelligence Science and Technology, Advanced
  • Seminar on Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Advanced
  • Seminar on Cognitive System, Advanced
  • Seminar on Intelligence Media, Advanced
  • Seminar on Application of Multimedia, Advanced
  • Seminar on Bio-system Informatics, Advanced