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"Construction and Elucidation of Intelligence Realization of Flexible, Human-like Information Processing"

In an advanced information-oriented society, we require information processing with flexible, human-like information capabilities. Information processing in human and animal organic systems has developed by means of structural and functional adaptation to the environment through a long process of evolution; there is no other high-level processing capacity quite like it. Intelligence Science and Technology is a multidisciplinary field that aims to clarify the mechanisms of biological and/or human information processing for the development of higher-level information processing.

Welcome to the World of Intelligence Science and Technology

Shunya Nishida
Shinya Nishida,
Chairperson of
Intelligence Science
and Technology Course

Intelligence science and technology is a research field concerned with information processing performed by living organisms, particularly humans. The keyword, "intelligence," tends to be misconceived as referring to "artificial intelligence," but we consider intelligence science and technology from a far wider perspective. Education and research of the course cover multiple disciplines ranging from the study of media — such as images, sounds and languages, life, and cognition as the origins for intelligent information processing mechanisms, to more abstract information processing mechanisms, such as software and computer networks. The course is characterized by its pursuits for the essence of intelligence in these fields. Although the research fields cover a wide area, the faculty members and students in the course have a strong sense of unity, sharing the same goal of unraveling "intelligence." They are moving towards this goal by mutually imparting and receiving "knowledge" generated from their research through discussions. Both of the entrance examination and curriculum for our course are prepared to allow not only graduates from computer science and media informatics, but also students who have studied various fields would like to join us. We invite you all to come and dive into the whirlpool of knowledge and participate in our lively research activities.