Application groups and research fields

The below lists research fields of each application group for a reference. Please consult "Guidelines for Admission" and  "Application Group Guide" available fromthe school's guidline page for more detailed information.

  • IST-1Neuroinformatics, Brain Decoding, Brain-Machine Interface, Brain Imaging, Computational Neuroscience, Vision Science
  • IST-2Psychoinformatics, Higher Brain Function, Cognitive Neuropsychology, Cognitive Interface, Neuromarketing, Cognitive Science
  • IST-3Cognitive Informatics, Cognitive Neural Dynamics, Neural Informatics for Communication, Multimodal Information Integration, Functional Brain Measurements
  • IST-4 (Adjuct Unit)Computational Cognitive Neuroscience, Cognitive Neuroscience, Decision Making and Reinforcement Learning, Neurocomputational Mechanism of Social Functions, Brain-based Intelligence and Machine Learning, Human fMRI Experiments with Quantitative Methods
  • IST-5Computational Intelligence, Knowledge Discovery, Computational Learning Theory, Optimization for Machine Learning
  • IST-6:  Collective Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Human Computation
  • IST-7Conversational Informatics, Artificial Intelligence, Interaction, Visual Computation, Cognitive Design
  • IST-8Language Media Processing, Language Information Processing, Language Analysis, Language Synthesis, Machine Translation, Information Retrieval
  • IST-9Speech and Audio Processing, Speech Recognition and Understanding, Music Information Processing, Human Robot Interaction, Statistical Signal Processing and Pattern Recognition
  • IST-10:  Computer Vision, Image Media, Computer Vision
  • IST-11Video Media, Processing of Large-scale Video Data, Human Action Understanding, Real-world Environmental Measurement and Recognition
  • IST-12Network Media, the Internet, Information Security, Algorithm, Computational Complexity
  • IST-13Text Media, Language Understanding, Language Generation, Language Knowledge Acquisition, Verbalizing for Thought and Understanding, Symbol Grounding
  • IST-14Biological Information Networks, Bioinformatics, Mathematical and Computational Biology, Complex Networks

(Updated: May, 2020)