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Biological and Cognitive Processing
Biological Information
(The Basis of Information in Biological System)
Professor KOBAYASHI Shigeo Science Frontier Bldg., Room 501 skoba
Associate Professor HOSOKAWA Hiroshi Science Frontier Bldg., Room 505 hosokawa
Assistant Professor MAEKAWA Shingo Science Frontier Bldg., Room 505 shingo
Cognitive Science
(Visual Cognition, Visual Attention, Embodied Cognition, Language Acquisition Process, Brain Imaging)
Professor INUI Toshio Eng. Bldg. 2, Room 309 inui
Associate Professor MIZUHARA Hiroaki Eng. Bldg. 2, Room 316 hmizu
Assistant Professor SASAOKA Takafumi Eng. Bldg. 2, Room 324 sasaoka
Researcher ASAKURA Nobuhiko Eng. Bldg. 2, Room 315 asakura (at) cog.ist.i.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Hearing and Speech Processing (Adjunct Unit)
(Techniques to Observe Speech Signal and Verbal Behavior, and Techniques of Speech Signal Processing)
Professor MASAKI Shinobu ATR masaki (at) atr.jp
Associate Professor NISHIMURA Ryouichi ATR ryou (at) atr.jp
Intelligence Information Processing
Foundation of Software Science
(Theoretical Approach to the Construction of Software)
Professor SATO Masahiko Eng. Bldg. 10, Room 133 masahiko
Associate Professor IGARASHI Atsushi Eng. Bldg. 10, Room 142 aigarash
Assistant Professor NAKAZAWA Koji Eng. Bldg. 10, Room 143 knak
Intelligence Information Processing Principles
(Inductive Logic, Machine Learning, Knowledge Discovery, Logic Programming)
Professor YAMAMOTO Akihiro Eng. Bldg. 10, Room 402 akihiro
Associate Professor INAGAKI Kosaku Eng. Bldg. 10, Room 231 inagaki
Applied Intelligence Information Processing
(Realization of Processing Systems and Software to Extract, to Recognize, to Understand, and to Represent Intelligence Information)
Professor NISHIDA Toyoaki Eng. Bldg. 10, Room 214 nishida
Associate Professor SUMI Yasuyuki Eng. Bldg. 10, Room 212 sumi
Assistant Professor OHMOTO Yoshimasa Miyazaki Bldg. 2F, 89-3 Kitashirakawa-Oiwake cho ohmoto
Assistant Professor OKADA Shogo Eng. Bldg. 10, Room 131 okada_s
Intelligence Media
Language Media Processing
(Natural Language Processing, Knowledge Acquisition, Information Retrieval, Machine Translation)
Professor KUROHASHI Sadao Eng. Bldg. 3, Room S206 kuro
Associate Professor KAWAHARA Daisuke Eng. Bldg. 3, Room S204 dk
Assistant Professor SHIBATA Tomohide Eng. Bldg. 3, Room S212 shibata
Researcher SHINZATO Keiji Eng. Bldg. 3, Room S207 shinzato
Researcher SASANO Ryohei Eng. Bldg. 3, Room S207 sasano
Researcher Fabien Cromieres Eng. Bldg. 3, Room S212 fabien (at) nlp.kuee.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Researcher NAKAZAWA Toshiaki Eng. Bldg. 3, Room S212 nakazawa (at) nlp.kuee.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Speech Media Processing
(Computational Auditory Scene Analysis, Music Information Processing, Spoken Dialogue Processing, Robot Audition, Developmental Cognitive Robotics, Speech Morphing, Animal Vocalization Recognition)
Professor OKUNO Hiroshi G. Eng. Bldg. 10, Room 335 okuno
Associate Professor OGATA Tetsuya Eng. Bldg. 10, Room 336 ogata
Assistant Professor TAKAHASHI Toru Eng. Bldg. 10, Room 424 tall (at) kuis.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Visual Information Processing
(Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision, Image Understanding, 3D Video, Real World Human Interface)
Professor MATSUYAMA Takashi Eng. Bldg. 3, Room S303 tm
Associate Professor KAWASHIMA Hiroaki Eng. Bldg. 3, Room I303 kawashima
Associate Professor NOBUHARA Shohei Eng. Bldg. 3, Room I301 nob
Assistant Professor HIRAYAMA Takatsugu Eng. Bldg. 3, Room I402 hirayama
Researcher KATO Takekazu Miyazaki Bldg. 3F tkato
Computational Biology
Computational Biology
(Algorithms for Genome Informatics)
Professor GOTOH Osamu Eng. Bldg. 10, Room 101 o.gotoh
Associate Professor YADA Tetsushi Eng. Bldg. 10, Room 101 yt
Assistant Professor ICHINOSE Natsuhiro Eng. Bldg. 10, Room 101 ichinose
Application of Multimedia (Affiliated)
Video Media
(Human-Computer Interaction through Video Images)
Professor MINOH Michihiko ACCMS (south bldg.), Room 411 minoh
Associate Professor MUKUNOKI Masayuki ACCMS (south bldg.), Room 415 mukunoki
Assistant Professor FUNATOMI Takuya ACCMS (south bldg.), Room 412 funatomi
Network Media
(Techniques to Realize Multimedia Information Network)
Professor OKABE Yasuo Research Bldg. #5, Room 416 okabe
Associate Professor MIYAZAKI Shuichi Research Bldg. #5, Room 418 shuichi
Media Archiving
(Speech and Language Processing for Semantic Digital Archives)
Professor KAWAHARA Tatsuya Research Bldg. #5, Room 313 kawahara
Associate Professor MORI Shinsuke Research Bldg. #5, Room 314 forest
Assistant Professor AKITA Yuya Research Bldg. #5, Room 315 akita
Bio-system Informatics (Affiliated)
Biological Information Networks
(Bioinformatics, Computational Systems Biology)
Professor AKUTSU Tatsuya Bioinformatics Center (Institute for Chemical Research, Kyoto Univ.) takutsu
Assistant Professor HAYASHIDA Morihiro Bioinformatics Center (Institute for Chemical Research, Kyoto Univ.) hayashida
Assistant Professor TAMURA Takeyuki Bioinformatics Center (Institute for Chemical Research, Kyoto Univ.) tamura (at) kuicr.kyoto-u.ac.jp
G30 Associate Professor Xuefeng Liang Eng. Bldg. 3, Room I302 xliang
Associate Professor Marco Cuturi Eng. Bldg. 10, Room 402 mcuturi
Concurrent Positions Professor TOSA Naoko ACCMS (south bldg.) tosa (at) media.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Part Time Lecturers Professor Akihiro Sugimoto National Institute of Informatics sugimoto (at) nii.ac.jp
HORI Aiko Yamada Pediatrics / Science Frontier Bldg., Room 503 ahori
(*) (... @ i.kyoto-u.ac.jp)

Keihanna Joint Graduate School
Universal Society Unit
High-Presence Communications Unit
Universal Interaction Agent Unit