Graduate Curriculum (2017)

Courses for the Master's Program   

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Seminars and exercises

for Master's thesis

・Advanced Study in Intelligence Science and Technology 1

・Advanced Study in Intelligence Science and Technology 2

Course provided by the Department


Basic courses

・Introduction to Bioscience

・Introduction to Cognitive Science

・Introduction to Information Science

・Introduction to Bioinformatics



General courses provided by School

・Interdisciplinary courses of the perspective in informatics

   Perspective in Informatics 1

   Perspective in Informatics 2

   Perspective in Informatics 3

   Perspective in Informatics 4

   Persoective in Informatics 5


・Computational Science, Introduction

・Computational Science, Exercise A

・Information and Intellectual Property

・Innovation and Information

・Information Analysis and Management

・Information Analysis and Management, Exercise

・Social Contributions through Informatics

・Internship in the Field of Informatics

Course provided by the Department


Advanced courses

・Seminar on Cognitive Science

・Computational Cognitive Neuroscience

・Computational Learning Theory

・Pattern Recognition (Advanced)

・Conversational informatics

・Multimadia Communication

・Speech Processing (Advanced)

・Language Information Processing (Advanced)

・Computer Vision

・Visual Interaction

・Statistical Learning Theory

・Bioinformatics (Advanced)

・Seminar on Intelligence Science and Technology I, II, III, IV





Design courses

  ・Information Design

  ・Field Analysis

 ・Design Composition Theories

  ・Industrial Mathematics and Design

  ・Design in ICT

  ・Field based Learning/Problem based Learning (FBL/PBL) 1

  ・Feild based Learning/Problem based Learning (FBL/PBL) 2

  ・Strategic Communication Seminar (Japanese)

  ・Strategic Communication Seminar (English)

  ・Informatics Practice I

  ・Informatics Practice II



Other course provided by the School

 ・Seminar on Signal Processing

 ・Computational Science, Exercise B

 ・Computational Science for Big Data 

 ・Cultural Computing

・Date Science: From Theory to Practical Use A

・Date Science: From Theory to Practical Use B


Courses for the Doctoral Program 


  ・Seminar on Intelligence Science and Technology, Advanced

  ・Seminar on Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Advanced

  ・Seminar on Cognitive System, Advanced

  ・Seminar on Intelligence Media, Advanced

  ・Seminar on Application of Multimedia, Advanced

  ・Seminar on Bio-system Informatics, Advanced