博士論文 (平成27年度)

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沓名 拓郎 Enhancing System Reliability using Abstraction and Efficient Logical Computation
山本 章博
2015/9/24 課程 森  智弥  Methods for Analyzing Tree-Structured Data and their Applications to Computational Biology
2015/9/24 課程 武笠 知幸  Mesoscopic Surface Characterization for Skeletal Kinematics Estimation from 3D Video
 松山 隆司


課程 大滝 啓介

 Algorithmic Approaches to Pattern Mining from Structured Data

 山本 章博
2016/3/23  課程 小谷 大祐

 Stability and Robustness of Control Planes in OpenFlow Networks

 岡部 寿男
2016/3/23 課程 沈  黙
(Shen Mo)
 Exploiting Vocabulary, Morphological, and Subtree Knowledge to Improve Chinese Syntactic Analysis

 河原 大輔

2016/3/23  課程

李  勝
(Li Sheng)

Speech Recognition Enhanced by Lightly-supervised and Semi-supervised Acoustic Model Training

 河原 達也
2016/3/23  課程 金 弓冶
(Jin Gongye)
 High-quality Knowledge Acquisition of Predicate-argument Structures for Syntactic and Semantic Analysis

 河原 大輔

2016/3/23  課程 笠原 秀一  Activity Support Based on Human Location Data Analysis with Environmental Factors
 美濃 導彦