博士論文 (平成26年度)

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後藤 功雄 Word Reordering for Statistical Machine Translation via Modeling Structural Differences between Languages
黒橋 禎夫 
 2014.5.23 課程 李 濰 Common-Near-Neighbor Information in Discriminative Spaces for Human Re-identification
美濃 導彦
2014.7.23 課程 森本 尚之 Design and Analysis of Algorithms for Graph Exploration and Resource Allocation Problems and Their Application to Energy Management
岡部 寿男


課程 西野 正彬

Numerical Optimization Methods based on Discrete Structure for Text Summarization and Relational Learning

山本 章博
2014.9.24 課程 吉野 幸一郎 Spoken Dialogue System for Information Navigation based on Statistical Learning of Semantic and Dialogue Structure
河原 達也
2014.9.24  課程 石 群 Action History Volume for Spatiotemporal Editing of 3D Video in Multi-party Interaction Scenes
(複数人物インタラクションシーンにおけるAction History Volumeを用いた3次元ビデオの時空間編集)
松山 隆司
2015.1.23  課程
長谷川 嵩矩

Reconstructing Biological Systems Incorporating Multi-Source Biological Data via Data Assimilation Techniques

2015.1.23 課程 須藤 克仁 A Japanese-to-English Statistical Machine Translation System for Technical Documents

河原 達也

2015.1.23 課程 仲嶋 なつ Genetic Network Completion Using Dynamic Programming and Least-Squares Fitting
2015.3.23 課程
前澤 陽 Bayesian Music Alignment
河原 達也
2015.3.23 課程
CHU Chenhui  Integrated Parallel Data Extraction from Comparable Corpora for Statistical Machine Translation
黒橋 禎夫
2015.3.23 課程 上地 理沙 Modeling of Biological and Economical Phenomena Based on Analysis of Nonlinear Competitive Systems
2015.3.23 課程 阮 佩穎 Computational Methods for Analyzing Protein Complexes and Protein-Protein Interactions
2015.3.23 課程 LALA Divesh The design and implementation of dynamic interactive agents in virtual basketball
西田 豊明
2015.3.23 課程 張 翠翠 Quad-Tree based Image Encoding Methods for Data-Adaptive Visual Feature Learning
松山 隆司
2015.3.23 課程 魯 巍 Integer Programming-based Methods for Computing Minimum Reaction Modifications of Metabolic Networks for Constraint Satisfaction