博士論文 (平成21年度)

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2009/7/23 課程 Cournapeau David Online Unsupervised Classification Applied to Voice Activity Detection
河原 達也
2009/9/24 課程 Yasser Farouk Othman Mohammad Autonomous Development of Natural Interactive Behavior for Robots and Embodied Agents
西田 豊明
2009/9/24 課程 林 維真 A Design of Supporting Mechanism to Advance Student Learning in International Distance Education
美濃 導彦
2009/9/24 課程 黄 宏軒 A Generic Framework for Embodied Conversational Agent Development and its Applications
西田 豊明
2009/11/24 課程 王 洪翠 A Flexible Computer Assisted Language Learning System with Speech Recognition and Error Detection Capability
河原 達也
2010/1/25 課程 長光 左千男 環境メディアにおけるユーザの依存度・性格、及び緊急度に応じたアシスト方法に関する研究 美濃 導彦
2010/3/23 課程(短縮) 藤原 弘将 Statistical Modeling for Recognizing Singing Voices in Polyphonic Music
奥乃  博
2010/3/23 課程(短縮) 吉岡 拓也 Speech Enhancement in Reverberant Environments
奥乃  博
2010/3/23 課程(短縮) 王 小晟 Classification of Cancer and Inference of Cancer-specific Gene Regulatory Networks Based on Gene Expression Profiles Using Soft Computing Rules
後藤  修
2010/3/23 課程(短縮) 齋藤 智恵理 A design and theory of strongly typed object-oriented programming languages for extensible recursive classes
佐藤 雅彦
2010/3/23 課程 武田 浩一 Building Natural Language Processing Applications Using Descriptive Models
黒橋 禎夫
2010/3/23 課程 中澤 敏明 Fully Syntactic Example-based Machine Translation
黒橋 禎夫
2010/3/23 課程 John Ellsworth Brown III Kernel Methods in Biochemical Informatics and Applications to DNA Repair Research
2010/3/23 課程 Matthew de Brecht Topological and Algebraic Aspects of Algorithmic Learning Theory
山本 章博
2010/3/23 課程 MERCKEL LOIC ADRIEN LOUIS Information Grounding Suite for Building a Situated Knowledge Management System in the Domain of Complex Instruments
西田 豊明
2010/3/23 課程 丸谷 宜史 Study on structure of classroom lecture based on lecturer's actions
美濃 導彦
2010/3/23 課程 徐 涌 Developing Mutually Adaptive Human Agent Interface
西田 豊明